Saturday, July 13, 2013

Note: Wordpress Blogs // Why reposting comments is a pain.

I've tried to leave comments on a few wordpress blogs today and yesterday, and they have not seem to register. I'm very annoyed by this.

Thoughtful comments


a prickling of emotion,
a finger tip dipping
a stagnant pool of memory

a glass chain linking
carefully strung into words
in response to words


blind faith for words
to be delivered. is lost
because of a broken script
 in empty space


what I said,
I said so much
it's hard to remember

next time
I will keep it simple

just in case
I have to say it again.


I liked it. I was saying (why)
I like it. and it has effect on me.
   and I'll remember it.


Liz Rice-Sosne said...

One hundred thousand powerful and positive words to you my dear friend. You must remember, I am old and forgetful. You were in my spam. And I had forgotten such a thing existed.

Then again, you would not have written the second comment had your comment shown up and your second comment was filled with wonderful words.

AND! I love the poem - the manner in which you dealt with your frustration at my comment site. ;)

Ravenblack said...

Hey Liz :)
Oh well. Maybe it was meant to happen. Thank you for your cheers.

kaykuala said...

I liked it. I was saying (why)
I like it. and it has effect on me.
and I'll remember it.

This is classic Ravenblack. It's one of a truth. And it lingers on as it gives a nice feeling! Nicely!


Ravenblack said...

Thanks Hank. :)

Ravenblack said...

Wordpress hates me. lol

dsnake1 said...

i don't have any problems commenting on wordpress blogs now. in the past, there were certain blogs which do not give a response whether the comment was saved or not, and that was pretty annoying.

maybe what you experienced was a one-off glitch? :)

Brian Miller said...

its about like trying to comment on word verification posts...oy...havent had any problems with WP blogs...when the spirit moves how can you not comment...smiles...

Ravenblack said...

dsnake: It wasn't a one off glitch. Five or six blogs in the past two weeks. Seems ok now, after a few people fish me out of their spam folders. :D Now I might be gone again and WP will think I'm spam the next time I get back...

Brian: yeah, blogger had that bug and that was annoying too.

Jannie Funster said...

The Wise Ones... say, it all happens for a reason. And I think the reason was for you to give us this poem, which is one of my favorites I've ever read.

Glass chains
and broken script
leading me to

the pool
of your heart
to dive into

and float in
on a lazy raft
of friendship.

And hey -- speaking of broken script, one of the last links you left on my blogs contained a comma where a period ought to have been. SO GLAD I double-checked it, and swept past the glitch to you. Thought you had maybe given up your blog. SO GLAD YOU'RE STILL HERE, as great as ever.


Jannie Funster said...

And even tho, mine is not a I'll check my spam, just in case... don't want to miss me some of my Rave!! My one and only Ravenblack. :)


Ravenblack said...

:D You make my day, Jannie.

I haven't given up. Just scarcely writing again. But I'll be back to regular when the madness starts again someday for sure. :)