Wednesday, February 27, 2013

It didn't used to rain like this in Feburary.

Going out after the rain has stopped

Rows of diminishing raindrops
hanging on park benches, fences,

leaves, occasionally falling
       one    (two&one)

falling into

rippling the reflection
of retiring storm clouds

         leaving town;
a young school girl
holds out her hand

palm open to the sky:
all she catches is sunshine.

She steps out remembering
the umbrella in her bag.



Work has taken quite a bit of my energy lately. I've decided I'll just ride with the ups and downs.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Given that one has limited time in the evenings

Fragmented TV time

watching TV / playing angry birds
watching TV / i should read a book instead
watching TV / waiting for the news
commercial / loo / water / snacks + crackers

watching TV / surfing the web
watching TV / making a draft, jotting down notes
watching TV / i shouldn't / what am I watching
watching TV / checking facebook / sketching / outlines for a poem

news is on / depressing, new document / outrageous
watching the news / i need a break / one thing at a time! / relax
watching the news / watching the news / bored / just let me play / paint
watching the news / an object -finding game / channel surf / so many games

watching the news / almost time for bed / already half-way there / tomorrow

**This was originally for one of the week's dVerse Poetics hosted by Brian I think. I didn't post it that time because I didn't know what I was doing with it.