Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Games children play


Pass the note, begin the silent treatment

Let's pretend she's gone un-visible
and talk about her funny eyEs

laugh at her

                  r       y

-- it's nothing to cry about
-just-kidding around-
come on now;

let's pretend to cry too/let's pretend to be her friend/lets
give her a hug!

        After lunch,

let's pretend
______ was never here.


Sunday, June 2, 2013

Reptiles do not think as we do.


A monitor lizard


tongue flicking at
the humid morning air

for molecules
               tastes my being

before I 
see him;

he creeps
              into a run

into the underbrush

I look         for him

         and I see him --
scaly earthy ancient

body and tail
     like the roots
           of a sea-grape tree;

a leathery stonehead with stygian eyes
shiny stares    at


        or is it just the green water

I leave him be.

Updated: 8 June 2013