Saturday, December 1, 2012

He-said-she-said, whose side are you on?


Enticing gossip.
Garnish on the lunch.

{who's not here?
thank heavens, not us!}


              at the end of a fork
              manageable morsels
              dripping tomato


Leviathan cravings growl     words slice
knifing into plaster silhouettes 
                                                cut    shred

    this, you can't eat
    sitting up straight

{are we all with us?}
                                             Let's huddle.

Cold air whistles soundless between teeth,
wine glasses in the grip of oily fingertips,
the dark red tint eyes in dim corner light.


Who doesn't like a bit of good gossip? But much like lying, if you do a lot of it, you gonna have to do a lot of needless remembering.. of who you told what to and what you not to say in front of whom. It must be human to love making things complicated.