Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Games children play


Pass the note, begin the silent treatment

Let's pretend she's gone un-visible
and talk about her funny eyEs

laugh at her

                  r       y

-- it's nothing to cry about
-just-kidding around-
come on now;

let's pretend to cry too/let's pretend to be her friend/lets
give her a hug!

        After lunch,

let's pretend
______ was never here.



Marcoantonio Arellano (Nene) said...

Whoa! Quite poignant. Gracias for flickering the light.

Ravenblack said...

Thank you, Marcoantonio.

Brian Miller said...

kinda hurtful....pretending...and then pretending they arent even there...not sure i wanna play this game...

Ravenblack said...

The girls in my primary school loved this game. I became mean right back at them. It isn't fun at all.

Claudia said...

ugh...that stings...and the pretending to be her friend is much worse than ignoring her totally...feeling sad for her and wish they would find a way to get along with each other..

Ravenblack said...

They aren't looking for a way to get along at all. Being nice apparently is taught or something learned from being in the company of those who are, and perhaps seeing the benefits; I can't phantom why else children that young can be that "mean". I can only conclude people aren't actually born with empathy.

Jannie Funster said...

Kids can be the cruelest, it's true. I remember at Kelly's pre-school the whole "I'm don't want to be your friend anymore" was bandied about daily. So glad that stage is over now.

I was there with the girls in this, kinda scary the way you made it so real. :)


Ravenblack said...

Thanks Jannie. :)

Claudia said...

smiles....good to see you ...hope all is well in your part of the world... wishing you a happy weekend....

Ravenblack said...

Thank you, Claudia. I am well, there's just too much stuff going on in my life right now.

Jannie Funster said...

I'm baaaaak to see my favorite Raven and wishing her smiles and laughs today. And to tell you there are amusing cat pix at my place, because I know you like those.

Hope you are happy in your busy life.


Ravenblack said...

ha, you know me so well, Jannie! :D

Liz Rice-Sosne said...

Liz (doggone I wish that you would write). Thank you for your words. I have decided that my sister in law and her really stupid commentary (not actually on my blog but sent to me in an email after reading my blog) will not drive me a way. Your recent photography has gotten better and better, I really enjoy it. Think about publishing your best photos here - people here will love them. Hugs, Liz

P.S. My name has gotten all screwed up on Blogger where I had been attempting to create a new identity and blog. UGH.

Ravenblack said...

Blogger can be a pain a lot of times, and is not very flexible.

I would publish my photos here but blogger is stupid when it comes to pictures. Some of them won't even appear on certain browsers. I used to share photos on blogger and it is frustrating, and it's not worth the time to struggle with that for the occasional visitor. There's a link on this page to flickr if anyone is interested.