Sunday, August 26, 2012

Note: Gonna be away

Shall be leaving for Madrid, Spain for a work-related conference this coming weekend and so, will probably be busy preparing for the trip this week.  Probably won't be on the blogs till mid September.

Gonna be a sponge while I'm over there. Soak up the culture and art. Maybe when I get back, I'd be fresh filled with ideas.

Be well, friends.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Info Overload


Ads of every kind

in every view,
by every which way

scenes interrupted
partially obscured by

pictures of gardens
on rooftops,
swimming pools
by seaside

piceous glassy gadgets
delicious to touch

carriages designed for
speed and comfort

stretched faces
with stretched smiles

to sell, or
am I the one
being sold?

a rusty frame
beside a busy
taking a chunk
of sky --

is that also an ad of some kind?


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The quiet of rainforests



A rustle of leaves --
a wild boar feeding,

crack of twigs --
macaques foraging.

Low hums over
murky ponds --
dragonflies, damselflies
land on lily pads;

a bee, a wasp
at different speeds
of urgency, consider
a lotus flower.

A splash, a bubble --
a monitor lizard
takes a dive,
a turtle emerges.


Sunday, August 19, 2012



All that noise

Sunday morning, awaking before the heat,

before the first six o'clock bus rolls by,

before the whistle of boiling kettles,
and clatter of pot covers in neighboring kitchens,

lie in the silence

                that rests still across the land;

rest in the quiet

of trees remembering the swamp
and the song of crickets in the reeds
                          accompanying a new river.

           how almost all together

the reverberating vibrations
of our collective machinery

                knOCk BanG
the sum of our tremors
                     penetrating bones and stones

break a sunrise.


Friday, August 10, 2012

Nature takes all


Urban Mangrove

Spicy orange ants
fiesta, scatter
on the coarse sandy


low tides
edge the mangrove

allow human intruders
to retrieve belongings
tossed at sea.

A spider hunting,

sand flies, mini roaches
in a mass of discolored rags
and discarded nets

scamper, scatter
burrow deeper.

It's theirs now, these oily
colors, these slime covered
and plastic wrappings,

these entanglements
of fraying nylon rope,

this one sneaker,

this worn truck tire.

urban habitats,

human reflects.

Volunteers clearing the mudflats of rubbish.
Discarded clothes at the edge of mangrove.

More pics at: Gathering Dust Locally

Poem posted for dVerse Meeting at the Bar -- Impressionistic Writing, with Claudia.