Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Info Age Troubles


Intermittent Communications

Ten minutes of silence, expectation,
anticipating before I noticed
the modem's troubled blinking lights.

Did you get my last message? Lost

before saying goodbye,
a glimpse of a future I fear.

The line is ok, the line is not;
green light blinking,

trying to connect, trying to reach across
aged copper wires rotting in the walls;

technology is failing me --
      downloads jammed up for hours,
the webpage loads but does not play,
meanwhile, we hung tight

to this fragile con n ecti
                                       ON. So, where

were we?


The distance between us rears
its ugly head.

** It bums me out whenever I have problems with the internet, because I depend on it so much to connect to friends with common interests. I had a hellish time trying to talk someone over instant messaging last weekend. And thus the idea for this one.

***Posted to dVerse Open Link Night #22. Better late than never. :)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

In Parallel


Lines divide the early dusk
into roseate shades;

for miles they run in parallel,
life's adopted necessities,

sometimes slagging,
sometimes touching,
rarely crossing;

the moon drifts like a lost note
between them --
lines on which music could sit.

**Inspired by HVP's photo "Moon Lines".

Posted at Poetry Pantry #79

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Aftermath process



Rescued raven, a feather green-tagged --
no longer all-black.

Against a window, she beats her wings
and pecks at the other one she sees

What is that disdain in your eyes,
parrot? If you dare,
come out from the other side!

She caws up a thunderstorm,
the sun hid behind the clouds.

The other became a dark shadow,
ghost-clear; through the window's
black glass she could see inside --
an apartment long abandoned,

and the other, it had her eyes.


Afternote: I know that magpies have passed the mirror test of self awareness, but I'm not sure if ravens and crows can recognize themselves in the mirror. But they are such smart birds, I would tend to think they would eventually figure it out.

**This poem is posted to Open Link Night Week 21 at the dVerse Pub. Join us for an awesome time with excellent reads.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Paper findings

While De-cluttering

Printed emails detailing meet-ups    conflicts re
solved    ex-loves    old friends reunited    keep-
sakes; years passed    all of them have moved on;
email deleted    paper trail    memories    intent
to keep in touch    best to leave them in the box
with no lock or key less either be broken or lost.

Greeting cards   signatures in blue and black ink;
they write the same things year after year – stay
cool    stay young    have a good life    love and
hugs    love and kisses    tiny testimonies    little
notes of appreciation; thanks for letting me know.

I have a habit of hoarding emails in my inbox for a time the same way I would keep letters. An old habit, I guess. :)