Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Not usually something that happens in this digital age...


Me and the old tv

   me and the old tv waited up for you

   the movie i wanted to watch tonight
with you, had long ended

   i must have fallen asleep
somewhere in the middle

   i have awaken to a world flickering
in b/lack/white and wh(y)/black

buzzing, creating

a picture of us
   in [us] brownian motion
of static [us]

   thoughts and feelings
masked in a long continuous h[ar]sssssssssssssssh...

   i got up from my chair,
   switched the TV off,

   noting how quickly the silence takes over the night



I wrote a stream of consciousness piece (belated dVerse prompt) but that was quite horrifying. I came up with this instead.

Posted to dVerse Open Link Night #46. Hope to see you there, fellow wordsmiths. :)

Saturday, May 19, 2012



men taming the lawn

   spinning cable ties
   splitting blades

a mynah overlooks the work

insect legs                 
insect heads included
salad mix                   

almost time for lunch


Friday, May 18, 2012

Some or sometimes.


The tendency of stagnating

The mind conjures up
dry wit
that will never leave
the dried up
slime pit;

in trying to keep it light,
a moon cradles her face
hiding the cracks;

Bridges built

There are those
who find a way to cross
the gap;

too late to chase
the sun.

some stand still
in order

to consider,

at what point
to walk towards
a new dawn.


Saturday, May 12, 2012

What it takes to take care of baby

From within,
from behind

unshackled front gates and fireproof front door,

a baby's cries break
the hourglass of dawn;

a woman stands facing the door
             she stands in pajamas
             bare foot on the welcome mat
       as if waiting
  for herself

                                staring at the cracks
                                on the concrete floor

to be

                     the smell of dew, a touch
                     of lingering night breeze
                     leaving before the sun 
                     takes to the skies fully


                    the footsteps
                    of neighbors
                    as they prepare breakfast

                                          sounds like a cat fight
                                        or something

              or just the demands of a newborn baby
          to mother.

No, I have no idea what it takes to take care of a newborn, or how to raise children as they make demands even before they know words. Happy Mother's Day to mothers celebrating this weekend.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Taking my medicine

The trouble with reading poems

Poems and poets

scare me,
never know what they really mean --

                       the words

they pick
tend to be
                        exotic and sometimes unpronounceable


                        normal but still suspicious

common man
                            experiences distilled
  searching for hidden puzzles to solve
complications simplified or multiplied
                       complications               tongue-tied

                        a mosaic of visions flows thick as cold syrup
                        sweet bitter sweet

Reading poetry is like taking medicine,
it makes me sleepy
and gives me funny dreams.


I was recalling a funny reaction of someone when I suggested reading a poem. Would've thought I was asking her to swallow an odd shaped pill. Expanded on that with my own thoughts, and mixed it up. But yeah, sometimes it is like that, sometimes. ;)

**Shared on Open Link Monday, at Imaginary Garden With Real Toads. 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Moon and I


Sunset Sky Watching

I saw the moon watch the sun go down.

   I and the moon
   watch the sun


                            through the layers of deep orange
                            and crimson, winking

                                 as it takes leave;
                             sky blushes pink
                                  to royal purple, and

                          as the dark blue tide spreads across the dome above,
                                    as shadows lengthen until they are
                          no more and all,

                         these eyes stay fixed on the horizon

  just the moon
  and I.