Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The extreme of letting things be


A stack of hair brushes
covered in a blanket of dust


he would not permit to clean,
less they mar her prints
on those handles, or free

the last strands of her hair
tangled in the broken fingers,
black and youthful forever.


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Red squiggles, red squiggles everywhere.


Genre arguments rival in-game quests of princess dilemmas;
no one tires of slaying dragons on this open topic landscape.

The Hardcore flames the Elite as the Casual throws popcorn;
regular lurkers register innuendeous nicks to log-on.

Bug exploiters circumvent vanilla game rules,
modders recreate worlds, restoring desired balance.

1337 overpowered PKers test the limits of moderation,
otherworldly faces grimace as job classes are nerfed.

Pseudo-intellectuals battle the hyperanalogicious,
clarification of facts leads to arguments on definitions;

aggressive IAPs in freemiums, hidden DLCs on discs
-- signs of greed or necessary self-sustainability?

All it takes is a pirate to trololololol by to steal the show.


The poor word processor is screaming red squiggles. The prompt at dVerse pub (hosted by Anna this week) sounds so fun, I had to try. I had to go with something I am exremely familiar with, so I went with gamer community forum drama (Gamecommunodramatica). It pretty common for drama to happen when passionate arguments over game terms and rules, along with a lot of one-upmanship are going on. Before you know it, everyone is off-topic and throwing all sorts of analogies about to show what they mean. I chose to term "hyperanalogicious".

The following are commonly encountered gamer terms:

*vanilla game rules -- 'vanilla' in game terms refer to the game as it is shipped in original form, without expansions or add-ons, or player modifications.
*1337 -- is number code for "Elite", which means "of the top skilled".
*PK -- player kill;  PKers are gamers on multiplayer games who make the choice to play offensively against other players. They may also be referred to as griefers.
*nerf -- weaken 
*freemium -- a game that is free to download but one which you need to pay from within the game to make reasonable progress.
*IAP -- in app purchases, purchases made from within an application. This term is probably one that came up recently as mobile gaming gained popularity. Alternatively: in-game purchases.
*DLC -- downloadable content. Additional content such as character equipment or game levels may be downloaded after a game is bought but they are sometimes already included in the disc or in the install, just not accessible until you pay for them.
*trololololol -- imagine an internet troll laughing out loud as he runs through the room.

I have found a new appreciation for those who create words that are easy to understand even when first encountered.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

New blog - "Dipping feathers in paint"

I hesitate to call it an art blog but I guess that's what it is. This got started when I got ArtRage app for my iPad and finding that it's fun to just play with it. I don't know where this is going, but I do know I am enjoying it. Maybe later I will try other forms of visual arts as I find them. (It may include things I create in sandbox type games.)

So here's the link to my amateurish art pieces:

Dipping Feathers In Paint

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ever wonder what the world would be like if everyone agrees with you?


n(E)tural selection

0ne-button ban
hammered --exiled

0ut of our lives
0ut of our site

dwindle this population
until countable
on 0ne hand

celebrate un1ty -- 0ne idea
without conflict

peace at last
di/adversity crushed

a shifted disposition
will regret the gen0cide


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

There's one outside my window this morning

Orioles see the sun
before it rises

just as they see lines
of the earth as she spins,

a sense of a new day:
each new day, new.

Orioles see the sun
before it sees

landscapes in the dark,
ruled by alarm clocks,

clutching clouds;
Orioles see and sing.

***Posted to Open Link Night Week 49 at the dVerse Pub.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

How can one stand being around smiley faces all day?


Redefining disclaimers

a disclaimer,

the mood
behind every brag;

every piece of news
broken up and shared
demands approval,

comparisons --
     the proper response is
     "me too".

A contrived existence --
(who hides)
 a light under a bowl.

a disclaimer,

queue the laughter
to come after
insults not intended.

A fragmented existence
of lists and circles
redefining privacy:

alone in an overcrowded city
constantly surrounded with friends --
split right down the middle.


The 'drawing' is mine, done on ArtRage app on the ipad. The app was on sale -- a few dollars for a entire set of artist tools. So, why not? So nice to have all the brushes and colors and not have to fret about where to store them after messing around!

I thought, what if I try to draw what I wrote. It was fun at least.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Notes while out playing

Sorry for the lack of activity here. I have to admit that lately I've been playing video games rather than writing. That is my other obsession. But no, not Diablo III -- I love the previous two but this new one and it's always-online requirement? Don't like that.

Not to be completely idle, I'm just thinking of what I should try next. Maybe I'll do a NaPoWriMo of my own in July or something. Or something shorter. Like a week every month where I write everyday or something. Maybe I'll really try to do haiku at a stretch. Or do more snapshots. Or maybe focus on the uncommon rather than usual everyday scenes/things. Such fun.