Sunday, June 17, 2012

How can one stand being around smiley faces all day?


Redefining disclaimers

a disclaimer,

the mood
behind every brag;

every piece of news
broken up and shared
demands approval,

comparisons --
     the proper response is
     "me too".

A contrived existence --
(who hides)
 a light under a bowl.

a disclaimer,

queue the laughter
to come after
insults not intended.

A fragmented existence
of lists and circles
redefining privacy:

alone in an overcrowded city
constantly surrounded with friends --
split right down the middle.


The 'drawing' is mine, done on ArtRage app on the ipad. The app was on sale -- a few dollars for a entire set of artist tools. So, why not? So nice to have all the brushes and colors and not have to fret about where to store them after messing around!

I thought, what if I try to draw what I wrote. It was fun at least.


Brian Miller said...

nice...pretty cool on the app....the light under the bowl has nice symbolism...the fragmented existence is poignant as ear mark of our culture surely....

Scarlet said...

Fun what you can do with these new stuff ~ That fragmented existence is an apt description of our life ~

wishing you Happy Sunday ~

Liz Rice-Sosne said...

Hi Ravenblack ... I pretty much echo what brian has said. Especially the "lamp under bushel. Love the artwork.

Liz Rice-Sosne said...

Oh my Crowsfete is back ... just click upon Raven.

Unknown said...

Really good piece Raven. The title is great as well. The two disclaimers, love that, adds a bit of abstract thought to the piece. The second set I really like a lot.

That's great that you bought the art rage app. I do all my painting on it, well the mac version, but probably on Ipad I'd think it may give you a little more control, as you going straight from finger to screen, whereas on the mac, you go through finger to mouse, which because of that I went out and got the trackpad and it's so good, that when the batteries wore out, I had to pull out the mouse again and boy, oh boy what a difference.

Anyhow, you'll love all art rage offers. Look forward to seeing your work. This one is really neat, as to the variety of of circles and ovals, especially how there are a couple that are open, love the metaphor in that, all surrounding the central imagery. Very nice.

Ravenblack said...

Brian, Heaven, Raven and Fred: Thanks, and a happy sunday to all of you as well.

@Raven: I have added Crowsfete back on my roll. :)

@Fred: Thanks for your comments on the drawing. I've often been inspired by your artrage creations, now I can try creating and exploring this media for myself.

Drawing and painting with fingers is fun, I'm gonna try using a stylus too to see if it's more precise.

Anna Montgomery said...

It's exciting to see you drawing, I can't wait to see more of your work. Already I love the color and geometry. Your poetry always manages to get straight to the heart of it for me and illuminates thoughts in ways that resonate with and enliven my own. This also reminded me of social media sites which drive me batty but I have to use for my business. As an introvert I find most of it exhausting.

Ravenblack said...


Some people are very comfortable sharing every thought and event. I use FB to share photos and good news, even so, I'm selective who gets to see what. Need-to-know basis. Ha.

Thanks for your kind words on my drawing -- I can only draw simple shapes. The kind that might work well for Draw Something (it's a game for android devices and iphones); it was that game that made me realize i do like to draw things (and I need more colors). I am excited to explore this.

Mary said...

I think I will be looking for the Art Rage Ap!

libithina said...

lovely - what a great way to let off all those creative expressions through your art rage app - lovely colours you used - freeflow - and good for the soul - Lib x x

Anonymous said...

This one makes me think about Facebook!