Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Being caught




do spiders ever sleep

or do they spend all night
spinning webs

each open path

a lattice of
silk strong
as steel

and by morning
anticipate in shadow
and shade

a network
of weave

catch sunbeams

catch me


a spider web in the trees

Somewhat more absent from the web known as the internet lately due to my current love of long walks along park connectors and through nature reserves.  The year is coming to an end and it's generally been a good one, though seems I'm kinda lost when it comes to one's direction in life. I haven't any kind of "dream" if anybody were to ask me what it is. I've been blessed with kind friends this year, but might have also lost connection with a few that seemed unrecoverable. I discovered I dislike certain things yet tolerate them for certain relationships and it just doesn't work out as resentment builds. Funny how the older I get, I seem to be confused about how I am than ever. I love those nature reserves, those trees, the water, all the sounds; when I'm on those walks, just feels good.