Sunday, November 29, 2015

What an old lady on a bus told me

What an old lady on a bus told me

This is my long ride
back to prison.

There's this man
I’ve lived with
for fifteen years.

See this little
Buddha pendant?

This is all I have.

This is my faith.
I keep with me
all the time now.

Because of him.

One day it had gone missing
from my dressing room table;
I went into the kitchen and
found him playing with it;

when I asked for it back,
he stomped on it,
on it, flunked it out
the window;

I told him
Buddha never did any harm
to him; I said,
he can curse and swear at me
all he wants but Buddha,

I said, he should leave
out of his unhappiness.

He told me to go jump
off the top floor balcony.
I told him

to go jump off
the balcony himself;

I promised him:

I’ll follow.

I am afraid.
I am not
afraid of him.
I am afraid
of what he
does to me.

Original post:: Jul 12 2007