Saturday, February 14, 2015

Nature takes back everything

Madras pea pumpkin vines entwine 
a pair of rusty shopping carts;

rainwater collect in beer bottles 
and cans; wild grass blankets
the ghost junction of railway lines
             and wind-bent signs.

At dusk, sun rays throw shadows
through rows of paperbark trees

& just before receding,touch pieces 
of broken sand glass, reflecting
lights :red :amber :green.



dsnake1 said...

i liked the little details of urban decay here. nature takes back everything, that's true. this reminds me of the 'green corridor', the former KTM line. and i think your last strophe is really a very strong image.

glad to see you writing again. :)

Ravenblack said...

Thanks. I have started again but mostly offline. Life has been kinda messy lately, not really in a bad way, just many sudden changes I guess.