Friday, January 4, 2013

Scent of Tears


The scent of tears,
its salty breath
saturate the air,

move waves,
black the sea;

swim in and drown,
otherwise, stay

on the beach,
watch the waves,
breathe in the salt.

The original was written quite many years back.


Brian Miller said...

smiles. nice...oddly enough my first thought was the trail of tears and indians, but mainly because we were studying that in history class right before the break...swim in and drown or otherwise stay...that is the choice isnt many keep dipping a toe in...the rest of their lives...

Unknown said...

nice. I like that metaphysical image of the scent of tears. This is both philosophical and a really nicely described capture of a scene/moment. Very nice. Thanks

Bodhirose said...

This got me thinking philosophically too. Then I that what the ocean beach air is made up of...salty tears of humanity. Love this.

Ravenblack said...

Thanks for the thoughtful feedback, dear friends.

dsnake1 said...

wow, this is quite different from what you usually write. very intense, in its brevity.

Ravenblack said...

Thanks for the feedback, dsnake. I posted this one before but it was quite different previously.