Thursday, January 3, 2013

Our constant search and labor

A lack of muse is no excuse

begins a trip to nowhere;

starring down a grey wide open empty road stretching long and sure towards a peach and strawberry sunset,
and everything, even a sewer cover, turns into gold.

You might have come across pictures of sewer covers in Instagram and wonder why people take them, if not why they suddenly seem interesting.


Unknown said...

I like that, even a sewer cover, turns into Gold. I have to admit I downloaded the app for instagram the week before FB took it over, but never signed up, and then when I went to I got a message about needing a FB log in, which i don't have a FB account, so I've never actually been on Instagram. So perhaps I don't get the reference, but I don't need it, this is a really good piece. I like how you bring up lack of muse, follow it with a trip to nowhere and complete the image with sewer cover, then the turning into gold offers a really cool shift/twist at the end. Really nicely done. Thanks

Ravenblack said...

My first introduction to instagram is the one for the iphone. I didn't really like instagram but there were other instagram-like camera apps for it. They are so much fun to play with it. They come with different color and effect filters, that they can turn anything ordinary into something interesting.

If Instagram is not to your liking, try Hipstamatic -- there is an option to link to social networks, but it works as is.

Brian Miller said...

hey you are back posting regular...smiles...sewer covers are pretty cool, the designs in some of them...which is interesting itself in why we do that...

Ravenblack said...

I'll try to post regular.... :)