Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The quiet of rainforests



A rustle of leaves --
a wild boar feeding,

crack of twigs --
macaques foraging.

Low hums over
murky ponds --
dragonflies, damselflies
land on lily pads;

a bee, a wasp
at different speeds
of urgency, consider
a lotus flower.

A splash, a bubble --
a monitor lizard
takes a dive,
a turtle emerges.



Anonymous said...

Ah, so lovely - the different speeds of urgency and then to follow with the splash and and lizard and turtle - terrific. k.

Unknown said...

really nice. Love the feel here, nature used so well. I really like the a bee, a wasp stanza-different speeds of urgency is a really cool line., then the lotus flower, a perfectly symbolic image to play off the urgency. Really nice Raven.

Brian Miller said...

smiles...i could sit and close my eyes and see it all...hear it all...very cool capture of the quiet...smiles.

Grace said...

I like the serenity you painted here...lovely place ~

Ravenblack said...

Karin, Fred, Brian, Grace: thanks for your comments. :)

Jannie Funster said...

Any mosquitoes biting?? :)

Wonderful this, I think you've lived many rainforest days?


Ravenblack said...

I try to visit the reserves on my island as much as I can. Mozzies are always about. Luckily they don't seem to be very attracted to me. :)

Bodhirose said...

I could see it all...I love taking walks out in our national parks and come across the wildlife...just like those in your poem. The tiniest bug can capture my attention... :)

So Mozzies are mosquitoes...cute!

Anonymous said...

I think this is my best :)
I just LOVE poetry on nature, especially when expressed so vividly.

Nice work!

Ravenblack said...

Thank you, Gayle and Festivalking. :)