Sunday, July 1, 2012

After-dinner chit-chats can sometimes be the cause of indigestion.


One-way conversations for two (or more)

Throat tightens, gut acid stirs;

whose hands strangle the arteries
throbbing cold in my head?

Competitive conversationist disorder --

what you would call who gets to get
the next word in edge-wise;

self-scoring points for making sense,
subtle offensives feinting defense.

Each little cheese wedge,
each sip of dull wine,

serves only to widen the crack.
Knowing glances exchange,

suppressed, replaced
with polite smiles.



Unknown said...

very true. I've had indigestion from conversations many times before. Reminds me of many of those holiday meals where relatives you only see once or twice a year act in certain ways.

I like the reflection of the goblet. That came out very cool, and the large jug, does a great job of showing depth/size.

Ravenblack said...

Thanks Fred. :)