Sunday, November 6, 2011

Oh the joys of email...


A re: for your Re:

Somehow the words
you used before
just doesn't sit right.

Building paragraphs brick by brick,
cementing thoughts behind impenetrable
walls of text; cliches of politeness
punctuate our exchanges; explanations
hang at the end of each sentence
never quite falling into places
where I want them to. Blinking
cursor awaits a proper response;

I check the inbox
again and again
for clarification.



Unknown said...

I like the way describe the exchanges within email. I remember back when I had an office job. i reported directly to the VP of the company yet very rarely would actually talk to him, let alone see him. Everything was done on email and I remember sending countless questions that he'd take a while to respond to, meanwhile I was stuck in limbo waiting for his answers. Similar It seems, yet contextually different though.

You structured this very nicely, the opening stanza seems like a natural lead-in to the closing one, which has the feel of being directly connected to the first. Then in the middle you offer more, a descriptive illustration of thought. Great write, thanks

Ravenblack said...

I do understand the thing with bosses, some of them are out and about so much, it can be impossible to catch hold of them even once a day. They aren't checking their inboxes as often and one is left wondering if they got or not. Left in limbo as you say until further instructions. I had one boss who is out a lot and then doesn't check and her inbox would get stuffed up. So, had to message her and ask her if she got the email.

Thanks for detailed feedback. Much appreciate it, Fred.

Maude Lynn said...

Excellent piece! I love the explanations hanging at the end, but never falling into place.

Ravenblack said...

Thank you MamaZen. That's what it feels like sometimes, that words alone just can't seem to explain some things properly.

Jannie Funster said...

Exquisite, Ravenblack!

Maybe e-mails should all be in Skype?? :) I so far have been too shy to Skype. But maybe one day! Baby steps will all this cyber-communication for me.

I feel refreshed after reading this, to know I am not the only one staring at dangling cursors, wondering and waiting for replies and answers, and sometimes even answers to things I myself am not sure how to write in emails.


Ravenblack said...

Hi Jannie, thanks for the visit. :) I'm not a Skype type of person either. It's only reserved for people I want to see that I haven't seen for a long time or it's not possible to meet them and they live on the other side of the world.

Laurie Kolp said...

Very clever poem... enjoyed it.

dsnake1 said...

i am not a fan of email (esp. the office type) but i do enjoyed your poem. :)

Ravenblack said...

Thanks Laurie. :)

dsnake: haha, thanks. :D

Claudia said...

this is exactly how it feels sometimes..but no clarification will matter how often we check...smiles.. i like the blinking cursor, awaiting proper response and the hanging explanations, never falling into places somehow..

Ravenblack said...

Thanks Claudia. That is how it is. It can add distress to an already distressful situation.

Much appreciate your visit.

Anonymous said...

This hits home for me Ravenblack. I sometimes wonder if I am cut out to have an internet life. As a neophyte I flail around a lot. Also, I've have problems online I've never had in person.

Ravenblack said...

As someone who has been on the web for a bit, I'm still puzzled and perplexed by some of the stuff that happens online. You are not alone, Anna!

Anonymous said...

Ha! We all know the feeling, which you described very well. K.

Ravenblack said...


Thanks for coming by, ManicD.