Saturday, April 18, 2015

Following sounds can get you lost.


Where is the waterfall?

is it up this way --
into the forest of old
silent trees


?the mist;

you try to follow
by ear

confident of discovering
a waterfall you've never seen,

so sure you'd find
a way with the sounds

of river waters rushing
          leaping edges

crashing down on granite boulders
breaking them;

the broken

ripples settling out in a pool
cool, calm

and green.        

                  But sometimes it's only 
the trees
around you; the leaves playing

with the wind playing
the trees remembering
the last monsoon.

There is no waterfall.



kaykuala said...

Imagining and imaginations can play tricks on one's mind! It can be fun sometimes!


Ravenblack said...

Not if it's getting dark in the forest though. :) Thanks for visiting and reading, Hank.