Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Doctors are nothing but bad news


He has no patience with sickness

takes two more pills
than the recommended dose

and he doesn't believe in doctors;

doctors are the last resort
when over-the-counter fails.

This cannot be happening to me --

he looks hard at the deep lines
on his hands, the gnarly veins

he stares at them as if alien blood
courses through them: blue-green,

thick and lumpy. He swears he can feel
every corrupt cell in them

tumbling, bouncing off the walls
of the tunnels they travel.

He imagines the dark faceless shapes
slipping, reaching, pushing through

the walls of every capillary
whispering anarchy, turning

every cell in his body
into rebels immortal.

updated: 19 Feb 2017


Marcoantonio Arellano said...

i am a cynic also of the traditional non-holistic trained medical doctors. i believe in preventative methods and natural consumptive treatments. pharmaceuticals are not our friends.


Ravenblack said...

Same sentiment. A lot of drugs have undesirable and harmful side effects too. Sometimes it can't be helped if that is the only treatment available. Traditional medicine have their limits as well.