Saturday, July 7, 2012

Depicting a monster


Two-headed Awful Horror

Jealousy & Envy- who could quell
the furnace fire that burns in the gut
of this monstrous two-headed beast?

Caught in the glow of their eyes,
hypnotic horror inducing thoughts
magnify every failure to thrive;

arms with poisonous bite strive
to drag willing listeners into its jaws
filled with rows of three sided teeth.

For every one it eats, another arm grows
like a deadly vine, drag another one down.
This beast loves self loathe and misery;

its sinuous veins pump baseless fears
mixed with fury and malice; the beat
pulsating "why not me? why him? why her?"

In the furnace of its boundless dimensions,
it seeks to burn all consumed,
releasing hatred and ill wills;

noxious fumes of rotten affection
form negative halos, through which
all sun rays corrupt but ultraviolet.

This awful thing can destroy all the relationships with the people we hold most dear. Be watchful.


Anna Montgomery said...

Ouch, you really capture the intricacies of this monster well.

Ravenblack said...

I think I shall dedicate this week to writing about monsters...

Brian Miller said...

ugh yeah, a whole lot different this monster than the ones in the pocket in the next...and it will def destroy any relationship