Saturday, April 28, 2012

NaPoWriMo #28: How a morning gets ruined

A lesson through simple lost

i only felt it missing
after walking up those steps
       and the taxi has gone down the road

there goes my identity
card, bank card, membership
       they are all cards
pieces of plastic
suddenly not in one's pocket
but at the mercy of someone
else's kindness

i hope someone will be kind
and return it if he finds it

in the mean time, phone calls
to make, police report to file

i lost a bit of me today
in that thing I carry around

what pain, such simple
and hard lesson that
take all of one's attention
for one entire morning

to recount the lost
and how it was lost

they are just cards
       but they are mine
i think i might have
a note or two
no importance to the world
                        but personal

who has them now

or does it lie in some street
ran over by cars multiple times

Yes, I lost my wallet this morning. I was really upset earlier, but I'm feeling better. Everything is replaceable, though one of the objects is gonna cost me. I don't think I have notes in there except maybe someone's phone number. Lesson learned -- never carry all my cards ever again. And I think I need a wallet clip.

Interestingly, I was far more upset back when my modem had problems than this lost. Still, I hope neither never happens again!


Fred Rutherford said...

Oh, that sucks. I've lost my wallet a few times before, and the whole process of trying to find it to realizing you're not going to and then the anxiety of canceling cards and everything else…feel for you here. So, yeah, sorry to hear about your experience, but it made for an excellent poem though, small consolation I know, but just like you said, everything's replaceable, hopefully won't cost you too much.

Ravenblack said...

Just the trouble of it.


Daydreamertoo said...

Oh yes, that sucks. It's the trouble you have to go to to call and explain, cancel them all and start again. And, try to never carry anything with your name of address on you too. With those they know exactly where you live too.
Lessons learned eh. Glad you've settled down a bit more now.

Ravenblack said...

Well I won't be carry many cards in the future. Maybe it be better this way.

Thanks for your kind words, Daydreamer.

dsnake1 said...

this is a big hassle. important thing is to file police reports.

hope you're feeling better.

Ravenblack said...

I'll be ok. Its not like I got robbed.

Just gonna wait a few days and then have to reapply for the ic.