Saturday, April 21, 2012

NaPoWriMo #21: my own ode to grass



You who lay out lawns
that endure picnics on a warm day,
cool to touch under the sun,
soft green blades that cushion bums,
and collapse under weight
of naked backs;

                    you who bend
         even to a breeze,
                    you have a plan.

Heads of spiky inflorescence spring up overnight;

the next day, soccer practice --
pairs of socks
                             will take your seeds


Barbs and hooks cling fast to fur or clothes,
let the giants come
                            and bear your seeds


Let them discover how fast and tightly you cling.
Let their fingers pick and tear you off, fling
                                          your seeds to the wind!


Into the cracks of tarmac / concrete / brick,
any / where the dust escapes the wind / dew settles:

dig deep,
green stuff,



I'll save the short ones for the work days -- short forms are fun and light, although challenging are doable.


Brian Miller said...

smiles....nature has a plan for sure...and no matter how we try to jack it will find a way to propogate...and take over as well after we are extinct

Daydreamertoo said...

Yes, nature has a way of doing what she does her own way and doing it so well too. :)
I am always amazed to see how powerful she is when, despite everything man does to prevent it, weeds still grow through concrete or tarmac.
Lovely writing!

aprille said...

This is too lovely for words. I am so familiar with these clinging grass seeds that you have to pick off by hand, one by one:-)
Amazing to think how far apart we are: so many differences and yet so much in common. This poetry month is turning out to be amazing.

Fred Rutherford said...

Very nice. I like the different forms within the poem itself, very neat especially considering the different types of grass that are out there, and how the different activities that take place upon them. The away x 3 is a nice touch, but I love how you altered the repetition with invade at the end. Great read. Thanks

Pat Hatt said...

Nature will and has always won. We can pretend we are in control but when she wants us gone we'll be gone. I also hate mowing grass on the lawn..haha

Ravenblack said...

Brian: if we go extinct, they would take back and it would be as if we were never here. "Save the Earth." -- it's not the earth that needs saving...

Daydreamer: takes very little to cause green to sprout. :) Thanks.

Aprille: I agree. I saw that in your poem about your train ride too. Thanks for your comment.

Fred: Thanks. I was trying to portray grass as a sort of army.

Pat: I'm sure the grass aren't a fan of lawn mowing either.

Anonymous said...

Love the invasion, it always makes me happy to see grass coming through concrete! Wonderful.

dsnake1 said...

sure, they have a plan. we will be long gone and the grass will still be around. :)

i like the way you use the line breaks, very visual, and yes, the 3 X away! and invade! as the ending is a creative touch. (now we are done for) :D

Ravenblack said...

Anna: As long as it's not happening to my walls. :D

dsnake: appreciate your read and feedback. The grass grows over our graves, if only we have such things in our country in the future...

Anonymous said...

Very vivid. I like. But I confess I sm suddenly very tired. K.

Ravenblack said...

lol. Well I got a bit tired after writing it. :)