Monday, April 2, 2012

NaPoWriMo 2: Cyber stalkers are creepy

Waiting For An Echo

I see you are online
so am I,

I am invisible.

I see you are offline.
I know you are there
like I,

I am invisible.

Any stalker
worth his or her salt
can appreciate

from imagined
of shape and shadow,

how tantalizing

that the one could just 

a tap or a poke
on the other side
of a few
floating windows.

waiting for a reply 
that never comes

but ever present
for that miracle

in the valley, 
once proud Echo
waits to answer
her love.


I don't think I have been stalked this way. (And no, I don't really want to know!)


CygnetSeven said...

Awesome how you put yourself in another's shoes.

Raven said...

What a well done "dreadful idea."

dsnake1 said...

and trolls too. :)

a great write.

Anonymous said...

Another title that made me laugh with its frankness. I love how you've addressed invisibility here as it's such a part of the bizarre cyberspace universe. Fine writing as usual. Thank you again for your engaging comment on Piezoelectric Prototype. I'm enthusiastically anticipating your NaPoWriMo marathon!

Victoria said...

Good luck with your NaPoWriMo challenges, Raven.

Anonymous said...

but are the people who are the cyber stalkers any different than the ones who are stalker in real life, who might stalk you out of the library?

Fred Rutherford said...

Nicely illustrated. The opening is great. Repeating the i am invisible can illicit a variety of thoughts. And love the way you ended the piece with the allusion to echo. Very nice touch. Thanks

Ravenblack said...

Thanks for the visit and comments, everyone.

@Zongrik --not much different in basic mentality, but it is far easier to stalk "casually" online since the chance of discovery is much more remote, as long one doesn't do more than watch. In most cases, I think, more watching than actual hacking and intrusion.

@dsnake: I have much to say about trolls, but for another day perhaps...

Anonymous said...

Ha! Crazy! Well-imagined. K.

Ravenblack said...

Thanks K. :)